Kelli Felice-Chiarello, LCSW

Kelli is a private practice therapist, holistic health practitioner (HHP), adjunct professor, well-received presenter and the clinical director of two psychiatric units; she has over 18 years of experience working with diverse communities of all ages. Kelli is passionate about supporting people to live authentic, empowered lives.

Kelli began her career in Ocean County, NJ in 1999. She is a certified NJ School Social Worker, a Lifelines Trainer for the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, an International Crisis Prevention Institute Trainer as well as a NASW certified Clinical Supervisor for NJ licensure.

Kelli has provided lectures for personal and professional development at mental health facilities, schools, hoslitic health centers, hospitals, businesses and community groups throughout the tristate area. Her workshop areas of expertise include the Opioid Epidemic and other related Substance Use Disorders, Crisis Intervention, and self-preservation/motivation.

With compassion and integrity at the core of her practice, Kelli honors the unique path of everyone she works with, creating a safe place to enhance well-being.

"Kelli made it make sense for me when I didn't even make sense to myself. She doesn't make my life better, she just makes me see I am better at life than I think."

-Alana D. age 16

"I was prepared for another boring 3 hour seminar but Kelli's presentation kept us engaged the entire time! I wish she came back every year."

-Doug C.