How do I know if therapy might be right for me?

Below are some examples that would make you a positive candidate for talk and/or alternative holistic therapies...

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone that seeks therapy is depressed!

Individuals who want to grow

Personal growth is a lifelong process unique to each individual. By exploring your values, attachments, desires and aversions to thinking and behavior patterns which inhibit your growth, we will be able to increase your personal awareness and mind-body balance.

Individuals looking to boost creativity

For those looking to boost cognitive ability, reduce over-justification, create psychological distance, surround themselves with inspiration or reconceptualize a perceived problem.

Individuals looking to be challenged positively

An unfortunate aspect of life is that we often create obstacles, usually unconsciously, that may serve some sort of immediate purpose, but end up being long-term liabilities. These barriers are often driven by some of our most basic needs, for example, to feel competent, to be accepted, to feel in control. Regrettably, these obstacles become intractable and end up preventing people from changing when they shift from beneficial to burdensome.

Individuals who need accountability to reach goals

Research shows that most people usually set goals for self-improvement, improving relationships or to achieve something in the bigger picture of life. Unfortunately, the same people often feel they failed as a result of not having a "sounding board" to process or not being held accountable to their goal.